19 August 2012

Wedding Portrait

Mel & Chris, Bride and Groom
Wedding Portrait                                    Oil on Canvas 60x50cm
This has been both a pleasure to work on and a pain to bear depending on the day in question, and yet primarily it has been a great steep learning curve as far as my artistic endeavours, and such a personal project to work on, as its my daughters wedding portrait.  

Wedding Portrait  WIP 3                                      Oil on Canvas 

Wedding Portrait  WIP 2                                      Oil on Canvas 

Wedding Portrait  WIP 1                                      Oil on Canvas 
Below is the original photo on which it is based
reference photo


And here we have an update on Melissas' portrait. Getting there slowly.
As I was working on this in class last week, one of my tutors asked if I had seen the Archibald when it was showing at Tarrawarra Museum of Art earlier this year. When I replied no, it was suggested I take at look at the painting of Missy Higgins by Kate Tucker.  I've had a look and can see why it came to mind. Not that I'm putting my piece at Archibald level, far from it. Though the similarity in its composition is evident, and even the final execution.  Both the figures are paintied in a realistic style with an abstract background.  My intention was to focus the viewers eyes on the figure, but more so on where the figures gaze is going...the outreaching hand, just out of focus.

here is the link...   http://www.artgallery.nsw.gov.au/prizes/archibald/2012/29251/

Kate Tuckers work is on show at the  HELEN GORY GALERIE, Prahran, VIC 3181  till  Sept the 8th.

1 August 2012



Hi there, its been a while since the last entry and even longer since I last posted any of my art.  So here's to a new start, with the intention to post all my attempts at portraits.  This is something I had a go at over the last couple of years with a couple of self portraits, but now I want to start working on models or photos, whichever is handier.  Maybe I can get a few sketches done of the subject, along with some photos, and produce a portrait  from there. So wish me luck if you happen upon this humble blog and  thanks for checking it out.

Here is the first one, of my daughter. Still not finished, but well on its way.
oils on canvas board.
And here is the photo I'm using...